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Orno offers some main services for our clients; from pannel cuttings to transport.

Panels cutting

Using the best machinery from SCM group with cutting edge technology, Orno offers panel cutting services of any kind of dimensions. Dimensions must be specified by the customer.

Folding Framing

Furnitures need framing and Orno offers this service as well. All cabinet are framed with PVC and ABS edge banding.


Milling is a process which allows the machinery to configure and change the surface of a panel according to the preferences of the client.

Furniture Drilling

Orno also drills furniture, based on clients needs.

Packaging & Transport

Offered products packaged and transported by Orno. Depending on the customer requirements, as for example large quantities. In this way the client can feel confident that the products will not be damaged along the way.

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